Manchester to have integrated transport system in five years

Sir Richard Leese
X The Business Desk

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Manchester will have an integrated transport policy within the next five years – according to the leader of the city council.

Sir Richard Leese, who has led the council for the last two decades, was speaking about the future of the city at an event in MIPIM.

Sir Richard took part in a panel discussion in the Manchester Pavilion called The Next Generation of Cities.

He was talking about the need for planners and developers to work together to create cities designed around the needs of their citizens.

He also spoke about how new green spaces will be created in Manchester with the developments in Mayfield at the Northern Gateway.

He added: “With populations moving back into the city centre we need to make sure they are designed around people’s needs.

“There is a major taking place and we are at the heart of that. In Manchester we are moving towards a city where pedestrians are the predominant form of transport.

“And in five years’ time we will have an integrated transport system that is suited around everyone’s needs.

“That is something that was just not on the agenda a few years ago.”

He added: “We have to manage urban living and create spaces where people want to live, work and play.”

Sir Richard said: “When Piccadilly Gardens was created in its current form we got people complaining because children were playing on the grass. It was designed with that aim.”