Thought leadership through the Coronavirus crisis

• Leverage the benefits of a trusted and independent platform
• Position your business and key people as thought leaders and trusted advisors
• Reach a wide and engaged audience quickly

As the impact of coronavirus has increased, so has the volume of information and misinformation. Confusion is being added to the uncertainty.

Business owners and managers are desperate for trusted and timely information and guidance.’s audience has spent the last decade relying on our news for accurate and clear information to keep them informed about what is happening in their business communities and sectors.

This relationship means that at times like this, when trust is crucial, is the best partner for your business to work with.

We will be focusing on key themes that will support businesses in the weeks and months ahead as they respond to the fast-changing circumstances they are faced with.

The opportunity is for your experts and thought leaders to partner with us on virtual events and content that positions your business as go-to advisers during these turbulent times.

During the next 12 weeks, some of the key focus areas will be:

Finance and funding

• Dealing with disruption on day-to-day finances
controlling costs; negotiating with suppliers; working with HMRC to secure time-to-pay arrangements; how to forecast when there is limited visibility; short-term sources of support.

• Funding and Government support
how to access the different Government schemes and finding what you are eligible for; how and when does the Chancellor’s promises become cash in your bank; putting a case together for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme; working with existing lenders and funders to navigate a way through

• Managing your legal position
contract compliance; dealing with force majeure clauses; negotiating new terms with suppliers, lenders and landlords.

• Business restructuring
implementing the right action quickly; protecting the business through difficult times; creating financial breathing space to make the necessary changes.



People and teams

• Staying productive
how to work remotely successfully; being flexible and responsive as health and childcare issues mount; keeping your culture strong; staying connected during periods of isolation; measuring productivity rather than presenteeism; preparing for the permanent changes this temporary disruption will bring

• Rights and responsibilities
the obligations and rights of employers and employees while working remotely; what qualifies as “essential” for travel and in-person work; health and safety implications.

• Implementing major change
furloughing staff – how to do it and what it really means; changing individuals’ job roles and responsibilities; following the correct process for bringing in salary reductions, reducing benefits, and making redundancies; dealing with grievances and personnel issues from a distance



Business planning and change management

• Leading through the crisis
Creating resilience in your people and your business; shaping a vision despite the uncertainty; providing support for staff who are worried or frustrated; being an authentic leader

• Adapting your business
Identifying and responding to opportunities caused by the disruption; implementing change quickly and from a distance; keeping plans flexible and pragmatic; learning to think the unthinkable



Keeping your people and company safe

• Looking after employees’ wellbeing
creating a work/home divide for people not used to remote working; being aware of people who are vulnerable or have vulnerable people in their household; looking out for employees who live on their own; helping staff make the right health and medical choices; ensuring employees don’t feel any (real or imagined) pressure to stretch Government guidelines because of work demands

• Technology and cyber-security
keeping networks and platforms secure; updating and monitoring appropriate use policies; value-for-money tech investments.



Working with has the platform for you to get your message out and make the right connections, and quickly.

Business development becomes even more important in a period of disruption and uncertainty.

Companies need to hear from the experts about the subjects that matter to them now.

Especially as for many, the subjects that have suddenly become critical – access to finance, agile working, supply chain disruption, leading through change, and much more – are themes which may not have been on their need-to-know list just a few weeks ago. brings together digital technology, expert thought leaders and a senior executive audience together to promote your business, brand and expert opinion through our virtual event services.

With more than 300,000 unique visitors to our website each month and more than a decade’s experience of delivering digital content to our audience, we are the right partner to work with in producing something that is bespoke, targeted and timely.

There are three different platforms to choose from:
– virtual seminar
– virtual roundtable
– webinar

Should you wish to participate in our webinars, virtual events or you have sound quality business advice, please contact us to discuss how we can promote your thought leadership and get your voice heard during this critical time.

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