Lockdown lifting to support the economy

Boris Johnson

alsoThe Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has further relaxed lockdown rules.

In an speech to the House of Commons, Johnson said that now is the time to reduce the “toughest restrictions in peacetime history”.

As a result of a downgrading of the threat, the PM confirmed the rules will change from 4 July. The first change is a reduction in social distancing. The currant two metre rule is still suggested, however where this it not feasible it is reduced to one metre.

This news was accompanied by an announcement that the hospitality and leisure businesses on the whole will be able to reopen, including hotels, camp sites, restaurants and bars.

Johnson caveatted that all internal hospitality will need to follow certain measures including being limited to table service. Venues will also be required to collect contact details of patrons.

Cautioning that everyone should take advantage of these new freedoms but do so sensibly and carefully.