Public get a peak at Great Jackson Street plan

A public consultation has taken place in Manchester over the new development ‘Great Jackson Street’ in a bid to smooth through planning permission from the city council.

DeTrafford organised in event in association with Paul Butler Associates and Simon Haugh Architects for the project in a backwater area of Deansgate.

It will comprise of 399 private residential apartments including penthouses and 50 retirement suites within three distinct blocks including townhouses underneath exciting the traditional street scene.

The towers, which will house six exclusive apartments per floor are distinguished by the developments own individual tone of brick, complementing the surrounding buildings. The towers will also cascade in scale from 32 storeys to 26 and 18.

Underneath the towers will be rows of European influenced town houses with a ‘coronation street’ vibe and traditional community spirit. Further a small local neighbourhood pub.

Across the development, there will be a mix of apartments, townhouses, and retail spaces to provide a street level style community, linking not only the development itself but connectivity from nearby Owen Street through the development, to the new residential neighbourhood and across the Mancunian Way footbridge to Hulme.

DeTrafford’s  use of outdoor space is characterised by the differing areas within the scheme. Roof top gardens will be found on top of the townhouses, with ground floor landscaping defining the tree-lined southern street that provides the main pedestrian route through the site while the northern street will have softer landscaping and remain a more private space for residents.

Gary Jackson of DeTrafford said: “Great Jackson Street marks a great new development for us, creating a positive friendly community for all ages. Our innovative retirement suites bring a new dimension to a modern development rarely seen within Manchester. We look forward to continuing our work with the Council to bring this scheme to life.”