Around the world in 20 beer and burger combos

A new graphic has explored the tastiest beer and burger combinations in countries around the world, from heavy, dark ales and spicy sauces through to crisp lagers and sweet herbs.

The graphic from John Slots takes the pub, bar, and street food staple around the world to see the different recipes, components, and brews that make up some of the best offerings on the classic from each country.

Ranging from Sweden, where a Falcon pint goes well with a Biff à la Lindström, patties made from beef, with onions, capers, pickled beetroot, and potato, and often served with a fried egg on top, all the way to the other side of the world in Japan, where a light, dry Asahi helps wash down a tangy Teriyaki Burger.

There are plenty of burgers and beers out there to explore. Get a head start on your tasty tour guide by having a look at the full infographic below.

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