Liverpool launch for Grant Thornton’s national small businesses brand

David Hawley, G-tax lead for Grant Thornton in Liverpool; Stephen Peacock, partner, Grant Thornton.

This week Liverpool becomes the first place in the UK to see a city-wide launch of G by Grant Thornton.

G is a new Grant Thornton brand which brings together an array of Grant Thornton services that support business growth while also offering a place for small businesses to learn, grow and connect.

The launch of G in Liverpool marks a major milestone in the evolution of Grant Thornton’s approach to delivering support for dynamic growing businesses.  It is the first step in the firm’s ambition to roll out G in other cities, bringing together communities of people who are passionate about entrepreneurship.

The firm hosted a G launch event for the city’s business leaders at AvenueHQ, a newly launched co-working space on Liverpool’s waterfront.

David Hawley, the G-Tax lead for Liverpool, said: “Liverpool was selected as the launch location for the G brand because of its thriving, dynamic small business community.

“With more than 5,000 new business registrations last year the city-region boasts one of the highest start-up rates in the country.  Transformational projects like the Knowledge Quarter and the Superport hold tremendous promise. The SMEs working within them are the lifeblood of the city-region, so supporting them is crucial to driving economic growth.

“There’s nothing like G available locally. Competitor offerings combine the financial elements, but not the wider holistic growth support and the community element – things we know are important. G is aimed squarely at the S in SME and we’re confident that Liverpool businesses will benefit from it.”

Stephen Peacock, partner, Grant Thornton, said: “Small companies account for 97% of UK businesses so G is an important part of Grant Thornton’s vision of supporting sustainable growth in dynamic organisations. To create G we gathered together client insights gained from delivering growth services to thousands of small businesses.  G is a simple and straightforward way for leaders of small businesses to access help to achieve their growth ambitions.

“The G community is growing fast.  Regular meet ups in our offices and business lounges give G community members the chance to sample new products and enhance their own business networks. Every G service is designed from a client’s viewpoint and the portfolio will evolve as we listen to clients and respond accordingly.”

Several businesses already benefiting from the services on offer under the G brand exhibited at the launch event.

AvenueHQ is a campus concept co-working and event space, which launched earlier this year. It is the brainchild of Matthew Kennedy, who is also one of the first entrepreneurs to access the services on offer under the G programme.

He said: “Prior to launching AvenueHQ in June, I managed a business incubator, advising very early-stage start-ups.

“But I’d find myself suggesting they scale up and transition out of the incubator, with limited options for them to move to. The idea for AvenueHQ had been forming for a while, but the strategic insight and advice from G has been invaluable to help me make it a reality.

“From writing the business plan, forecasts and projections, to coaching to ensure I was ready to take the idea in front of investors, the holistic approach was exactly what I needed.

“With this support we’ve grown exponentially in less than six months. We have just taken an additional 5,500 sq ft to expand our offering here to 22,000 sq ft, and have secured a new 40,000 sq ft site in another northern city.

“Having worked at the sharp end of things with small and micro-businesses in Liverpool I’ve seen the challenges they face first hand. The comprehensive support afforded by G is perfectly tailored to the busy entrepreneur and it’s great to see it officially launch in the city.”