Workers at Pirelli get inflation busting pay rise

Some 900 workers at the Pirelli production site in Carlisle have received an inflation busting 4.5% pay increase.

The deal which means an extra £1,500 for a typical production worker or £1,800 for a production worker on a weekend shift.

The pay agreement is part of a two-year deal worth 7.5%.

This also applies to Pirelli workers at the Burton on Trent site.

Pirelli supplies tyres to Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Volvo.

Regional officer Malcolm Carruthers of the union Unite which negotiated the deal said: “Having a professional and well organised trade union at work helps to boost your pay.

“The pay deal at Pirelli has given manufacturing workers a year on year pay boost which makes a real difference to their incomes at a time when pay is falling flat across the economy.

“The deal was negotiated by Unite union representatives who work for Pirelli and it’s a testament to the work they do on behalf of their colleagues.”

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