Loan helps create new drinks dynasty in Salford

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Four sisters are following in the footsteps of their seven brewing brothers to form one of the world’s largest drinks dynasties in Salford.

They have received a £30,000 loan from GC Business Finance, the North West delivery partner of the Government’s national £310m Start Up Loans programme and a lending partner of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Sis4ers Distillery is a craft and artisan distillery producing premium spirits and focusing on a range of gin products, starting with their signature Sis4ers botanical gin.

The distillery was founded by sisters, Kerry Collins, Hayley Robinson, Kate Haslam and Lucy McAvoy, who have joined forces with their seven other siblings to launch their business on the Salford site of the Seven Bro7hers Brewery, making them one of the largest number of direct siblings in the alcohol industry.

Taking different roles in the business, from FD and R&D, to master distiller and marketing, the four sisters also have careers as teachers and in events management, and 13 children between them.

Inspired by their brothers’ success to build a business of their own, they secured a GC Business Loan which has been invested in a bespoke copper column gin still from Portugal, named Frederica after their parents Freda and Eric.

Sis4ers Distillery is targeting both the on- and off-trade markets and has already partnered with a number of wholesalers and distributors to widen their distribution in bars, restaurants and high end retailers.

Future plans for Sis4ers Distillery include the creation of six new jobs – including the appointment of an apprentice distiller this summer.

Developing their unique range of botanical inspired gins, they plan to launch four further gin products this year, including a strawberry edition for summer, as well as developing a new range of vodka products, hosting their own gin tasting and making events and creating a collaboration product with Seven Bro7hers brewery.

Lucy McAvoy, of Sis4ers Distillery, said: “Seven Bro7hers was originally launched with a Start Up Loan from GC Business Finance so we knew exactly who to go to for the support and finance we needed to get Sis4ers Distillery up and running.

“Building this business together is very much about creating the next chapter of our family legacy – complementing our brothers’ brand as well as building our own and working together to become a major force within the industry.

“A recent trade report showed that sales of gin in pubs, bars and restaurants grew by 19%, with retail sales up 13%, so we know that consumers are really keen to try something new and different.

“We are enormously excited to be delivering just that and are working with our growing network of partners to do so.”

Alex Mearns, loan manager at GC Business Finance, said: “The Si4ers Distillery is continuing to build what looks set to become one of the region’s great family businesses.

“The quality and diversity of their products, coupled with the finance and the practical support that we have worked closely with Kerry, Hayley, Kate and Lucy to provide, put them in a great position to build and grow this business over many years to come.”

GC Business Finance will see £15m allocated to new start-ups across the North West over a two year period, creating around 3,000 new businesses and in excess of 5,000 new jobs in the region.