School Lettings Solutions returns to school where it all started

From left: Kathryn Hilton, Scott Warrington, Tom Kearns, Gill Reiersen, Paul Lamoury, Paul Andrews, Jennifer Brookes
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An award-winning Bolton business has won a new contract at the school where the directors originally met in 2005.

Though today they work with more than 200 schools across the country, the directors at School Lettings Solutions (SLS) say the deal with Westleigh High School in Leigh feels incredibly special.

“Westleigh is the place where we all met and started our careers in the sector and owe a lot to the staff and local community of Westleigh who helped us,” said Paul Andrews, who, along with Scott Warrington, founded SLS in 2012.

“It’s great to be going back there, to the honest. From a personal perspective it’s one of the most significant contracts we’ve agreed because it has made us look back to how we started.”

Mr Andrews was the community development manager responsible for community lettings, adult education and Sure Start.

Mr Warrington was the sports development coordinator overseeing the community lettings.

SLS director Jackie Latu started work at Westleigh as the adult education manager in 2009 before joining SLS in 2013.

School head, Carlton Bramwell, said: “At Westleigh we’re excited to be working with SLS who we believe will help us to further improve the lettings service we currently offer.

“Their expertise in managing school lettings will enable us to further develop relationships with local groups and help the school in our aspirations to deliver the best outcomes for our students, their families and our community.”

School business manager Gill Reiersen added: “What makes the relationship more special is the history the team have with the school and their connections within our community, and it’s great to be welcoming them home to Westleigh.”

Two other SLS team members also worked at Westleigh. Kathryn Hilton was there from 2010 before joining SLS in 2014, while Jennifer Brookes is a former pupil at the school and joined the SLS design team in 2014.

SLS helps schools, academies and colleges with a comprehensive management hire out of their facilities to local community groups. Launched six years ago, it has grown rapidly and today employs more than 700 people.

The firm manages the process that enables schools and colleges to generate income from hiring out facilities to community groups, such as sports halls, playing fields and swimming pools, through to classrooms, theatres and conference rooms, providing community access to a wide range of education and leisure facilities.

SLS fully manage their facilities at no cost to the organisations, while linking them with community groups in need of affordable space.

It works with more than 7,000 sports clubs, performing art groups and community organisations.