Manchester firm WideCells expands its offering to Spain

João Andrade

Manchester stem cell services company WideCells Group has lauunched its ecommerce platform in Spain.

The company, which is focused on making stem cell treatments accessible and affordable, is offering CellPlan, its unique stem cell insurance product, as part of the group’s expansion into this key geographic region.

CellPlan now available for nationwide purchase in Spain.

It follows a successful soft launch in May 2018 to new clients of established provider of stem cell storage services, Stem Cell Banco Celulas Madre.

The launch provides sales exposure to one of the most established cord blood and stem cell storage markets in Europe in line with the group’s strategy to build sales and revenue profile.

Discussions are now under way with additional stem cell storage facilities in Spain to maximise market penetration.

WideCells’ chief executive, João Andrade, said: “We are delighted to launch CellPlan in Spain, one of the most established stem cell markets in Europe.

“Given the positive uptake and interest shown from new Stem Cell clients, with no marketing campaigns yet implemented, we are confident that the launch of our ecommerce platform and full sales activities will prove fruitful.

“Stem Cell is a quality provider of stem cell storage services and with a current client base of around 22,000, which is growing daily, we are delighted to be working with its team to build our sales profile.

“Alongside this, the newly launched ecommerce platform will enable CellPlan to be purchased by anyone in Spain that has stored stem cells with a facility approved by us, maximising market potential.

“With a highly competitive product that has clear market demand and a scalable roll-out model, we look forward to providing more families with access to our end-to-end stem cell services and building revenues for the group.”