Mattress recycling firm has seen 20% increase in turnover in last 12 months

Nick Oettinger, managing director of TFR Group

A specialist recycling firm based in Blackburn has reported a 20% increase in revenue over the last 12 months.

The Furniture Recycling Group, one of the UK’s leading mattress recycling companies, had a turnover of £3m in the last 12 months.

The company’s growth comes on the back of three new partnerships with national retailers, leading to a business expansion which has created 10 jobs.

Last year, TFR Group increased the number of mattresses they can recycle a week by 63 percent, going from recycling 4,000 mattresses to 6,500 a week; a figure they envision heading to 20,000 in three years time.

The increase has been made possible by the firm’s research and development programme, which is working towards creating a fully automated mattress recycling system.

The company has undergone an intensive brand development programme, including a new website.

TFR Group recently designed and prototyped a revolutionary system that will allow a standard 40ft trailer, that ordinarily carries 90 mattresses, to carry 600 mattresses, meaning a significant reduction in transportation costs, and vastly increasing the viability of mattress recycling throughout the country.

Managing director Nick Oettinger said: “We’ve had a great 12 months and it’s fantastic to see the company continue to grow.

“With our exciting, refreshed look, and our ongoing research and development, TFR Group can only flourish further and ensure we cement ourselves as market leaders in the waste industry.”

He added: “With 167,000 tonnes of mattresses still being sent to landfill each year in the UK, now’s the time for retailers and manufacturers to get on board to help create Britain’s much needed circular economy.

“We’re very proud that more retailers are thinking more about the end of life scenarios of their products, and the next stage for TFR Group is to meet with mattress manufacturers to discuss how they can adapt the designs of their mattresses to ensure they can be recycled more easily.

“TFR Group will not rest until 100 percent of all mattresses in the UK are diverted from landfill, and we welcome any other retailers, and manufacturers also, to get in touch to discuss the many ways we can work together to promote our much-needed circular economy.”

Since launching in 2012, TFR Group has diverted over 1 million mattresses and 3,500 tons of mattress components from landfill.