Management contractor appointed for Manchester’s ‘Our Town Hall’ project

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The management contractor for the huge £160m heritage project to repair, refurbish and partially restore Grade I-listed Manchester Town Hall has been appointed.

Lendlease will oversee the project to safeguard the building for current and future generations and improve public access – as well as enhancing Albert Square to make it one of the finest public spaces in Europe.

They have been selected as management contractor through a rigorous procurement process and will work alongside the design team to appoint and manage contractors to deliver different aspects of the works.

One of the key objectives of the ‘Our Town Hall’ project is to deliver economic and social value for Manchester, with the maximum positive impact for residents and businesses and a genuine legacy in skills, experience and inspiration for those considering careers in construction.

Lendlease has pledged to support the project’s delivery of a range of comprehensive social value commitments including:

  • 150 apprenticeships targeted at Manchester residents
  • 45 new jobs targeted at Manchester residents
  • A range of activity with schools, colleges, universities and the voluntary sector, including career sessions and work placements and pathways to employment and training designed to encourage careers in the construction industry
  • 10, 000 volunteer hours for voluntary and community sector projects

Cllr Nigel Murphy, deputy leader of Manchester City Council, said: “This appointment is an important milestone in the ‘Our Town Hall’ project to improve access to this icon of Manchester and safeguard it for current and future generations.

“There aren’t many construction firms with the expertise and resources required to deliver a heritage project of this scale and complexity on behalf of the city and after a rigorous selection process we are confident that Lendlease offered the best overall value.

A proposed design for Albert Square

“There will also be millions of pounds-worth of opportunities for local businesses and people to get involved in the project through this contract, including apprenticeships and other training opportunities.”

Neil Martin, managing director, construction at Lendlease, Europe, said: “Manchester Town Hall is one of the city’s most recognisable and well-loved landmarks.

“Lendlease has a long track record of working with heritage buildings and enhancing them for contemporary use and we will bring all of this experience to bear at Manchester Town Hall.”

The refurbishment is expected to be completed by 2024.