Specialist procurement recruitment platform launched

Ryan Barnes
X The Business Desk

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A new contract recruitment company has been launched in Wilmslow targeted specifically at the procurement and supply chain industry.

Procurement PeopleCloud specialises in the professional interim market, ensuring that the procurement and supply chain sector has instant access to a large, verified pool of experienced procurement professionals.

Led by a highly experienced team of procurement specialists, Procurement PeopleCloud says it is uniquely placed to understand the challenges of the industry, and as a result, match candidates with interim roles quickly and effectively.

All candidates undertake the Odesma Assessor Aurora analysis, ensuring the essential skills and competencies across the full range of procurement and change management capabilities are assessed.

This candidate excellence programme ensures the recruiter can match the most suitable candidate to a particular client and project to suit their skills, while the client has confidence that they have the best interim for the job.

Ryan Barnes, recruitment manager at Procurement PeopleCloud, said: “Our unrivalled procurement industry experience means we are uniquely placed to meet the interim recruitment challenge faced by many in the sector.

“Our specialists understand their markets implicitly, meaning they can hit the ground running, and make a big impact on the business, very quickly.

“And our use of Odesma Assessor means we can identify the most suitably experienced candidate within the specialist area required, efficiently.”

While Procurement PeopleCloud focuses on specialist interims, the firm does have a comprehensive pool of generalists, ensuring it is able to cater for all procurement and supply chain requirements.

With an established talent pool of experienced sourcing interims, the firm covers all aspects of direct and indirect spend, as well as change and programme management.

All candidates have a demonstrable track record of delivery and achievement, allowing them to respond to, and grow with the business.