Digital hub opens for business in former school building

Mark Crabtree and David Walker

A digital hub and co-working space has opened for business in Burnley.

The Landmark is now open for business after the first phase of the refurbishment of the town’s former grammar school has been completed.

The iconic building is set to attract new and existing tech talent to the town.

Global digital giants including Google, Facebook will hold seminars at the centre while final negotiations with Barclay’s  in a bid to establish a Digital Eagles Lab on site.

An open day on Thursday will give visitors the chance to tour the now open Phase One, including the co-working space, event space, which features a state of the art lighting rig.

Mark Crabtree, chair of Burnley Bondholders, has been leading the project.

The Oscar winning businessman is known across the world as the managing director of AMS Neve which dominates the market for digital sound recording consoles and equipment for film, television and the music business.

He said: “I would have loved to have had a space like this to come and work in when I first started out, especially with other like-minded people.

“Nobody wants to be laden with long leases on office space or huge rents when you first start out.

“You don’t always know if your ideas are going to work. You also need access to support and advice, a place to share ideas and chat things through over a coffee.”

“Dave Walker of +24Marketing said he wanted a place where like-minded businesses could be together.

“Things blossomed from there to a full-scale Digital Tech hub, and as a former Burnley Grammar School student, I felt an affinity, fell in love with the place really and bought it.”

The first digital entrepreneurs have already moved in to the new space.

Mark O’Neill started up his own digital business OneDesign two years ago designing and building websites.

He said: “This is an amazing place. When I need to, I can simply turn up with my laptop and start work in the collaborative space within minutes.

“I will be able to meet other tech business people and not be stuck in an expensive office on my own.”


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