Eco-friendly Bioglitter extends to international markets

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A firm which has created the world’s first eco-friendly naturally degradable glitter has struck partnerships with worldwide distributors, extending the new product’s international reach.

Ronald Britton, based in Rochdale, launched its Bioglitter last year and has now confirmed agreements with Blue Sun International, which is distributing the product in the USA, Canada and Mexico, while it is also working with Look Chemicals in Brazil.

Bioglitter will degrade naturally in the environment and is based on plants, rather than plastic.

The product has been designed to tackle the problem of microplastic pollution caused by traditional polyester glitter.

Testing by independent testing organisation OWS also revealed that Bioglitter sets a new environmental standard for sparkles, with results showing the majority of Bioglitter degrades in the natural environment in only four weeks.

Stephen Cotton, commercial director at Ronald Britton, said: “We’re extremely proud that Bioglitter is accessible globally.

“Microplastic pollution is a huge problem, not just in the UK, but across the globe, and that’s why it’s vital that our Bioglitter is accessible worldwide.

“The product has fantastic biodegradability credentials, coupled with it already being 92% plastic-free. It’s a huge step forward for the glitter industry and shows that we can reduce our plastic footprint by looking at alternative technologies.”

Over the past eight years Ronald Britton has been working on creating a biodegradable, plastic free glitter.

The issue is that glitter, unlike other plastic products, often doesn’t end up in the recycling process, and can end up everywhere in the environment, as it falls off through its lifecycle.

Ronald Britton has been aiming to develop the environmental issues out of glitter, removing all plastic so it’s no longer a microplastic and ensuring it biodegrades outside in the natural environment, leaving no trace.

The current product is 92% plastic-free, but the company is aiming to launch a completely plastic-free version this year.