Creative tech platform to launch North West hub

Shib Mathew
X The Business Desk

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One of the UK’s largest freelancer platforms, YunoJuno, is to launch in the North West this Spring.

As the self-proclaimed current market leader for London’s elite freelance creative network, the platform will expand into the North West over the coming months.

Targeting the region’s freelancers, it will add to its existing network of more than 18,000 designers, developers, copywriters, project managers across tech, marketing, creative and advertising disciplines.

In addition to providing access to the latest creative roles in the region, YunoJuno will enable North West freelancers to schedule client activity and display their portfolios to global brands including Google, BBC, Sky, WeWork, Virgin, Accenture, Ogilvy and Ashfield Health in Manchester.

The site also handles invoice management with clients, taking the hassle out of chasing payments by guaranteeing payment for freelancers in 14 days from submitting an invoice.

In addition to launching the platform, the brand will also make its mark in the region with a series of freelance-focused networking events to help grow the community further and promote the benefits of a flexible workforce to companies.

Shib Mathew, chief executive and founder of YunoJuno, said: “Since we launched in London in 2012, we have established a strong reputation as the city’s leading freelancer platform, and we are looking forward to growing our presence in the North.

“We believe that freelancers are fast becoming the single most valuable workforce for creative and tech industries and are a cornerstone of making businesses as future-facing as possible.

“There are multiple forward-thinking companies in the North West who are tapping into this market, but many more who haven’t yet unlocked the true potential which a freelance workforce can offer.”

The platform will be holding a free networking breakfast event on Thursday, May 9, at Dishoom Manchester to answer freelancer and client questions on finance.