Bury FC has two weeks to save its League status after EFL issues ultimatum

Bury Football Club

Bury FC will be kicked out of the English Football League (EFL) unless it can satisfy league bosses’ concerns over its financial situation by August 23.

The Shakers are currently subject to a CVA (company voluntary arrangement) agreed by its creditors.

The ultimatum was issued by the EFL this afternoon, after it confirmed it had suspended yet another Bury fixture – the August 13 Carabao Cup game against Sheffield Wednesday – after the club again failed to provide sufficient reassurances, said the EFL.

Bury’s two opening league fixtures against MK Dons and Accrington Stanley were both suspended by the EFL because it said the club had not been able to offer the assurances it required that it could fulfill its fixtures for the current season.

Today, the league said it had suspended next week’s Carabao Cup game, for the same reasons, saying: “The club had been set a 5pm deadline on Wednesday 7 August 2019 by the League who were seeking further information into how they planned to meet its commitments in respect of football creditor debts, payment to unsecured creditors as part of the Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), alongside source and sufficiency of funding for season 2019/20.

“Following extensive discussions and correspondence between the club’s ownership and the League – the additional information provided lacks the clarity required and as a result of the League not being able to defer the decision any later than today, the club’s Carabao Cup tie on Tuesday 13 August 2019 will not take place as scheduled in accordance with Carabao Cup rules.”

The EFL said it would continue to work with the club, and its owner Steven Dale, to obtain the detail required to avoid any further suspensions.

But it added: “However, the EFL board is of the strong opinion that it cannot continue to suspend fixtures indefinitely and, after Wednesday’s deadline for information was passed without a successful resolution, it will now lift the suspension on the notice of withdrawal of membership of the EFL.

“Bury were served the notice of withdrawal of membership on 25 July 2019 and it has remained suspended until today (8 August).

“As per the League’s Articles of Association, this will now give the club 14 days (until 23 August 2019) to meet all outstanding requirements of the League’s insolvency policy or its membership of the EFL will be withdrawn.”

EFL executive chair, Debbie Jevans, said: “Despite continued efforts, regular communication and dialogue with Mr Dale and his team, the required evidence has not been forthcoming.

“Albeit regretfully, the board has been left with no choice but to take the action it has.”

Bury chairman Steven Dale has previously accused the EFL of “working against” the club.

Bury FC has been contacted for comment.