Leading entrepreneurs go undercover in schools for TV show

Kate Stewart

Two of the region’s leading entrepreneurs have been taking part in a new TV series.

Liverpool businesswoman Kate Stewart is to star in The Secret Teacher.

She has been joined by Steve Bartlett the co-founder of the Social Chain.

Kate, a Liverpool-born self-made millionaire agreed to go undercover as a teaching assistant at a school in Sheffield.

The pupils have no idea she is actually a businesswoman who made her first million at just 26.

Mum-of-four Kate, who fell pregnant at just 17, and was expelled from school without any qualifications.

She turned her life around when she decided to study for a Business Management degree, whilst working as a secretary and raising her daughter as a single mother.

She went on to own a string of beauty and tanning salons, before running Liverpool’s Heritage Market.

Kate now owns The Sandon Pub and Hotel and supported living accommodation Vitality Homes.

The businesswoman left behind her empire and four children, to throw herself into school life, getting to grips with tough teaching environments at Parkwood High School – a senior school which is dealing with budget cuts.

Kate said: “The entire experience for me was eye-opening, amazing and educational. I threw myself into the role of a teaching assistant and really played the part but it was so tough! I had no idea how much pressure teachers are under and how much of their jobs is so much more than just teaching itself.

“Some of the kids at Parkwood were really challenging and needed so much support. But that’s exactly what I was there to do.

I wanted to show them that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. You don’t have to be the smartest, or come from the best background with a silver spoon, you can still succeed in life.

“I don’t want to give too much away but two pupils really caught my attention and I just felt compelled to help them.”

Steve Bartlett

Social media marketing magnate Steven Bartlett went undercover at Litherland, scholl in Liverpool.

The 26-year-old was expelled from school but now runs one of the biggest social media marketing companies in the world.

He went undercover as a support worker at a Liverpool secondary school where he targets two struggling youngsters he thinks have potential.

“Grades don’t define you,” he said, “but hard work and discipline are important.”

Kate will be speaking at a BusinessDesk.com lunch in October.