Popular bar group reveals it is being evicted from Manchester venue

BrewDog bar
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One of Manchester’s most popular bars is being evicted from its current premises – it has emerged.

Craft beer chain BrewDog has revealed that it has been told it has to leave its current premises on Peter Street in the city centre.

The Scottish bar has had a presence in Peter Street since 2012 and the bar is one of the most profitable in its portfolio,

However, the firm has confirmed it has been told it has to move from its current premises to make way for a new hotel.

BrewDog revealed the news in a message posted in its ‘Equity For Punks’ online forum.

The platform was set up to share news and company information with Brewdog shareholders.

A member of staff wrote: “Today we received an eviction notice for our beloved Peter Street Bar in Manchester.

“The landlord is knocking the building down and developing the site into a hotel.

“It’s a move that’s apparently been on the cards for a while, hence BrewDog having a new site poised and ready to go.

“We were expecting this news as they had given us a pre warning, the deadline for them to evict us was this coming Monday.

“We had hoped that by at least an admin error or at least a miracle we could have avoided this.

“Not only has this bar been a beacon of the craft beer community in the city, produced so many of our retail team through its ranks, but also it was our most profitable bar in the world.

“So it is tough news on so many levels.”

There will be no job losses and the firm is planning to move to a new premises.

A new venue less than five minutes away has already been secured by the company.

It is not thought that pizza parlour Rudy’s, which is next door to the bar, will be affected.

The Aberdeenshire firm has 84 venues across the world and plans to open a further 33 bars this year. It was one of the first firms to plug into the demand for craft beers.