Video wall manufacturer launches colour alert option

Steve Murphy demonstrating the system

Burnley-based video wall and visual display expert Ultimate Visual Solutions (UVS) has developed a unique alarm system that alerts clients to on-screen colour changes.

The system, which operates within UVSs’ Lucidity video wall controller and control software, was developed following a request from a major financial institution based in New York.

Once installed it will be used to alert staff to major downturns in financial and shares markets, when stocks or currencies start to be displayed as red rather than green.

But the alert system can also be used in any control room where on-screen colour changes represent major fluctuations, such as power stations or traffic monitoring centres.

Staff can set pre-set alarm points on the video wall screen and are alerted by a visual and audio alarm.

UVS managing director Steve Murphy said: “The client has requested that our Lucidity video wall solution provides an audible and visual alarm on the video wall to indicate that, for example, an alarm window has changed from green to red state showing a severe currency change.

“But this system can also be used in a process control application or in any control room where display colour changes are significant.

“We are now adding this feature as an option to the standard Lucidity control software or as a standard feature within our specially priced ‘Pro’ version.”

UVS launched its Lucidity brand of video wall controller and control software to fill a gap in the market for projects which do not require the full functionality of high end solutions.

Steve Murphy added: “UVS continues to develop its Lucidity video wall controller solution to suit specific requests. We are finding that clients have been very keen to utilise our ability to take a request or requirement and develop a solution quickly within Lucidity.”

The Lucidity brand is aimed at clients who require a solution where full command and control components are not needed.

UVS, formerly eyevis UK, is based at Business First Burnley Business Centre and provides video wall displays and audio visual solutions to a range of clients across the UK.

It has also opened a new London demonstration venue at Woburn Place, near Euston Station, to meet increased demand for its technology.