Wirral firm secures multimillion-pound Middle East contract

Nigel Seddon

Wirral company Ultromex has secured a multimillion-pound contract to supply its technology to Saudi Arabian company Radian Oil and Gas Co.

Radian has entered into an agreement with the Saudi Arabian national aluminium producer to process aluminium smelting by-products.

Bromborough-based Ultromex are specialists in delivering innovative solutions to the aluminium industry to recover value from aluminium dross and other industrial by-products for both primary and secondary aluminium smelters.

The innovative process and equipment developed by Ultromex selectively separates dross to release clean aluminium metal which can be remelted.

Using Ultromex technology, remelting can be achieved in a highly efficient, low cost manner, yielding significantly less waste by-products.

Nigel Seddon, Ultromex chief executive, said: “Ultromex has been working closely with Radian and the Saudi primary smelter for some time and we are delighted that our technology has been selected to treat aluminium dross for this primary.

“We will be building on this relationship to provide further Ultromex technical expertise for the treatment of smelting by-products at the Saudi primary smelter.

“I see our relationship with Radian as an important one which will enable us to further develop business together in the Middle East region.”

Ultromex specialises in the development of innovative technologies for cost effective treatment of aluminium industry waste streams and the recovery of valuable materials.

It has assembled a team of leading engineers and chemistry experts to work with both primary and secondary aluminium smelters designing, building, installing and operating plants to treat a range of aluminium industry wastes including dross, salt slag (salt cake) and spent pot liner.

With an emphasis on maximum recovery of valuable products and the aim of zero waste, Ultromex plants can treat aluminium waste streams as they arise or from historic landfill sites.

Delivering for clients across the globe, Ultromex has projects running in the Middle East, Europe and the Nordics.