The Future of Money

This article is by cryptocurrency firm Evai 2020

Welcome to the fourth in our series of articles about cryptocurrencies.

If, like me in days past, you just glaze over and switch off when you hear the word crypto, please don’t! You really should make the effort, because blockchain will without doubt affect the way you live your life and conduct your businesses.

Over the last few weeks we have walked through an introduction to cryptocurrencies explaining how the fourth industrial revolution started and like it or not, where it is taking us all. We’re now exploring what makes for a sound business proposition in this new field of technology that is our future.

Remember, cryptocurrencies aren’t that different from traditional world currencies. In fact, governments around the world are at various stages of implementing blockchain currencies, it’s just a matter of time.

Decentralised or centralised control, it still comes down to the fundamentals of the issuer.

You probably wouldn’t save your money in the currency of North Korea (The Won) because even a little research would tell you that their economy is weak and unstable. Similarly, you need to research the viability or usefulness and stability of any cryptocurrency. The stories of Bitcoin millionaires & billionaires should not sway you from doing your due diligence!

We have discussed Bitcoin and how it may, or may not, be a sound investment but at around $8,500 per coin you have a lot to lose should the value fall sharply. In contrast, a coin priced at only a few cents, as Bitcoin once was, represents a lower risk investment with potentially greater upside for a much more modest outlay but then on this premise alone you might have chosen to save in the North Korean Won, though common sense tells you that ‘cheap’ doesn’t necessarily translate to value – it can be all very confusing…..

As a regulated financial adviser back in the 1980s and being involved with investments for almost 40 years now, I have had time to see what really constitutes a successful and rewarding investment strategy. I have learned that nobody (including so called experts) know the future! In fact, you can find a so called ‘expert’ to support any investment argument – Brexit or remain, strong $/weak $, you name it?

Diversification is the most important strategy I have observed and this accords with the accepted academic theory of Nobel prize winner Harry Markowitz who set out his ideas in ‘Modern Portfolio Theory’, basically stating that, the more none correlated assets you hold in your portfolio the better the risk adjusted return.

The problem now is that cryptocurrencies are a new and emerging asset class where you probably have as much knowledge as a qualified financial adviser. Advisers cannot offer sound advice on cryptos because they do not know the risk/return characteristics. As a result, cryptos should probably not constitute part of your future financial planning but for those with any spare cash, the right crypto investment can prove a fun, stimulating and potentially massively lucrative opportunity.

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Next week we plan to put the spotlight on Financial Ratings, where it went wrong and where we go from here.