Power distribution company consolidates its eco credentials

Peter Emery

Electricity North West is the only network operator group in the country to have achieved green ratings across the board for the past three consecutive years.

Energy regulator Ofgem published the news as part of its annual report earlier this month.

Stockport-based Electricity North West, which operates the overhead lines and underground cables throughout the region, was ranked top among the six companies that own the country’s 14 local power networks.

Each year Ofgem rates the networks to show areas of good and poor performance.

The six key metrics are: Reliability and availability; connections; social obligations; customer service; environment; and safety.

Peter Emery, chief executive at Electricity North West, said: “As a company, our performance against a wide range of metrics meets or exceeds Ofgem’s expectations – I’m delighted that this has been recognised by Ofgem.

“To be given green across the board for the third year running, outperforming all other groups that own Great Britain’s power networks, is something to be proud of.”

He added: “Right across the business, our teams are striving to improve our performance and provide the best possible service to our customers in the North West.

“We’re part of an industry that is changing rapidly and look forward to helping the region transition to zero carbon.”

Electricity North West has also reported its highest ever levels of customer satisfaction, exceeding the industry-wide target of 82%, scoring 86.5% satisfaction.

Previously, Ofgem stated Electricity North West had “exceeded all reliability targets … as well as the targets for average time to quote and time to connect”.