Tanker firm to deliver hydrogen from NW for Transport for London

Widnes-based Suttons Tankers has won a three-year contract with Ryse Hydrogen for the exclusive provision of logistics services to transport bulk hydrogen gas from the North West to the capital for Transport for London.

As part of its commitment to become a zero-carbon city by 2050, TfL has purchased 20 new hydrogen-fueled buses which is a prominent move towards providing more sustainable methods of transportation.

Ryse Hydrogen recognised Suttons as a market leader in the logistics sector for bulk gas distribution.

The contract will go live at the end of September with a phased transport solution leading to a day and night time operation once the capital’s fleet is fully operational.

Michael Cundy, Suttons Tankers managing director, said: “We are thrilled to be awarded this contract with Ryse Hydrogen which represents a significant move in TfL’s pledge to offer more sustainable modes of transport.

“This will demonstrate to the wider public transport sector the practical and environmental benefits of hydrogen-fueled technology.

“This work with Ryse Hydrogen builds upon our strategy of delivering service excellence and our ability to add value to our customers through providing more than just a haulage solution.”

Jo Bamford, Ryse Hydrogen chief executive, said: “Suttons Tankers are a reputable logistics provider of bulk gas which made them the obvious partner of choice.

“Their attention to detail and ability to create a bespoke solution based upon our requirements were second to none.

“We look forward to working with Suttons on this contract and are proud to be supporting the capital in its efforts to reduce its emissions.”

Suttons operates in the UK with a fleet of more than 700 vehicles focused on the chemicals, gas and fuel sectors, and internationally with key business centres in New Jersey, Widnes, Antwerp, Ludwigshafen, Kuantan, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo.