Anti-terrorist bollard manufacturer completes Blackpool Tower contract

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One of the UK’s most iconic and popular attractions has been protected from the threat of vehicle attacks by a manufacturer of anti-terrorist bollards and barriers.

Bollards produced by Safetyflex Barriers, based in Coventry, have been installed around Blackpool Tower which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

The company has now been approached by Blackpool Council to start securing multiple locations around the town with more bollards to help protect the public and other key sites.

Marcus Gerrard, director of Safetyflex Barriers, said: “We are incredibly proud to have helped secure one of the UK’s best-loved landmarks against the threat of terrorist vehicle attacks.

“Blackpool Tower is a major centre of tourism with attractions including the world-famous ballroom which draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, and the bollards will offer tourists and local residents reassurance as well as protection.”

Blackpool Tower is the latest high-profile location to be secured by Safetyflex Barriers with sites including venues for the London 2012 Olympics, Melbourne Park – home of the Australian Open, Augusta National golf course – home of the US Masters, and Edgbaston Cricket Ground.

Its anti-terrorist bollards have also been installed in towns and cities to secure potentially vulnerable areas such as shopping centres, government buildings, military sites, utilities and key infrastructure centres.

The company believes the combination of its specialist technology and cutting-edge design has resulted in securing Blackpool Tower and other major contracts.

Gerrard said: “We are increasingly seen as the ideal choice for public realm projects due to two important factors – aesthetics and cost.

“Most anti-terrorist bollards on the market are very large and over-bearing, whereas ours are slimline and oval which makes them more aesthetically-pleasing and more sympathetic to the street scene.

“Made from special absorbing steels, they can stop a large vehicle travelling at speed and due to a shallow foundation size of only 20cm, can be installed without the need to re-divert utilities which makes them highly cost-effective.

“We are now looking forward to working with Blackpool Council to help secure other locations within the seaside town.”