First contract in £2.3bn MoD programme awarded to NW engineering group

The first official sub-contract for a UK company involved in the production of the MoD’s new Boxer Mechanised Infantry Vehicles programme has been awarded to Stockport-based engineering firm WFEL.

The contract covers the transfer of manufacturing technology from Germany to the UK for the drive modules for the Boxer Infantry Carrier, Special Carrier and Ambulance variants and marks a significant milestone after many months of planning, preparation and consultation following the signing late in 2019 of the £2.3bn contract between the UK Ministry of Defence and the ARTEC consortium, for the delivery of more than 500 Boxer vehicles to the British Army.

Boxer is a state-of-the-art wheeled armoured vehicle that offers outstanding mobility and protection.

It will form an integral part of the British Army’s new Strike Brigade capabilities and shall have a service life of more than 30 years.

Battle-proven, it is in service across NATO and was recently selected by Australia.

WFEL will play a significant role in delivering the completed Boxer vehicles to the British Army and is undergoing substantial investment in an advanced manufacturing facility at its North West base, to ensure compliance with the stringent manufacturing requirements of these vehicles.

WFEL’s managing director, Ian Anderton, said: “Our teams have been liaising closely with members of the ARTEC consortium, particularly KMW personnel, culminating in the awarding of this contract, which we are delighted to receive.

“We can now move further forward with developing our own supply chain partnerships around the UK, creating and sustaining high levels of employment and we’re looking forward to eventually seeing these superb vehicles in use with the British Army.”

The UK MoD is already a long-standing customer of WFEL, having been a user of its rapidly-deployable MGB Medium Girder Bridge systems for many years.