Trendy tea brand brewing up a Liverpool opening

Pearl Milk Tea

Gong cha England, the UK-based operator for the Gong cha tea brand, has selected Liverpool as its second city to open in as part of its launch strategy in England.

The city’s 70,000 student population and vibrant young professionals sector were the appeal to the Kaohsiung City-originating brand.

It is the most recognised bubble tea brand globally with 1,500 outlets across 20 different territories as far reaching as Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand and the USA.

Liverpool is only the second city in the UK to host a Gong cha store – with Manchester currently operating the first two to open in the UK in 2019.

Gong cha, translates as ‘tribute tea for the emperor’ and is a bubble tea store offering a wide range of bubble teas consisting of different textures and layers which can be enjoyed with and without milk.

Gong cha’s ‘Signature Milk Foam’ is a tasty topping that can be added to the drinks and is definitely a ‘must-try’ item.

Other toppings such as ‘Pearls’ – otherwise known as ‘Boba’ – or jellies can also be added to give extra flavours and textures.

The interior at 13 Bold Street in Liverpool city centre takes influence from the brand’s traditional Chinese heritage marrying it with an inviting sense of fun to appeal to the European market.

Traditional colours, textures and shapes of Asia are brought together by NoChintz Interiors to celebrate the brand’s origins.

Wooden cladding, inspired by the structure of the tea fields, is complemented by stools which reference Taiwanese writing styles.

The Gong cha team is following government guidelines on social distancing and will be offering a takeaway service only upon launch.

Justin Liew, head of Gong cha England, said: “The bubble tea trend has gripped Asia, Oceania and the US, where it is considered a Taiwanese speciality.

“We have selected Bold Street for our next store as we are confident the people of Liverpool, who clearly love to be the first to know about new trends, will help us build the brand.”

The Liverpool store, will be open Monday to Sunday, with a proposed launch date of late-August.