Insects and plants ‘the food of the future’ says shakes maker

A Crewe-based entrepreneur who appeared on BBC1’s ‘The Customer is Always Right’ in May 2020 with his cricket and plant-based protein shake, has launched his new range of Protein Rebel products.

The show involves a panel of consumers testing new inventions and rating them to determine an overall winner.

Tim Boote’s cricket and plant-based protein shake didn’t win, but he said the consumer feedback has helped him improve his product.

His range of completely natural and sustainable cricket and vegan sports nutrition and meal replacement protein powders are now available to buy online.

He said: “When the show was filmed back in November 2019, my cricket-based protein shake was still a prototype.

“The customer feedback was really helpful and I’ve worked hard to refine the product to make it smoother and tastier while retaining all of its nutritional and environmental benefits.

“I now have a range of products which I’m confident will appeal to all types of people, from athletes and sporty students through to busy workers and health-conscious parents.”

Tim has launched three types of protein powders: Reload, a cricket and plant-based high protein powder that’s great for building and repairing muscle mass; Recover, a high protein and high carbohydrate vegan sports nutrition powder for post-workout recovery; and Replace, a vegan meal and snack replacement protein powder for slimming down and toning up. All are available in dark chocolate and banana flavours.

Tim said: “The great thing about Protein Rebel powders is that they are completely natural, sugar-free and are great for the body.

“Unlike traditional whey-based protein powders, they’re also good for the gut so don’t cause that bloated feeling. And on top of this, they’re kind to the planet as crickets and plants use few resources.”

He said research proves that plants and crickets are high in protein and very nutritious.

Tim Boote

Crickets are nutritionally right up there with kale, goji berries and turmeric. They’re rich in protein and essential amino acids, high in iron and vitamin B12 and are packed full of prebiotic fibre making them good for the gut.

Insects have also been found to be great sources of zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese.

Tim said: “Crickets are an all-round superfood that have a very low impact on the planet. If people want to get healthy and feel great in a way that’s kind to the environment, it’s time to try new types of alternative proteins such as insects and plants. They’re the foods of the future.”