Recruitment drive at connected vehicle data specialist

Claire Birks
X The Business Desk

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Technology firm IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions) is recruiting around 50 staff at its Manchester and Crewe operations.

The firm, which provides connected vehicle data for insurers and mobility operators, said it wants to increase its workforce there by 24%. It currently employs 217 staff at both centres.

The business, part of Trak Global Group (TGG) which also includes young driver insurer Carrot, works with insurers, mobility operators, vehicle manufacturers and governments, providing data and technology solutions for the fast-changing and growing connected mobility market.

The expansion of its team in Manchester and Crewe is part of a global recruitment programme which will also see a significant increase to the workforce in its base in Ontario, Canada by the end of next year.

The recruitment drive reflects the significant shift in driver habits and attitudes to mobility that has occurred since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which, in turn, is accelerating demand for the telematics-based technology solutions offered by IMS.

The company has also recently announced a string of international customer acquisitions and industry award wins.

Claire Birks, group HR director, said all the new roles will be offered working remotely/from home should that fit for the individual.

“We like to give people the option to choose, as some prefer to work in an office environment, and we have redesigned our offices to make it an option,” she said.

Most will be senior R&D roles including software developers, engineering managers, product owners, project managers and IT and infrastructure staff.

She added: “We already have many world-class software engineers, data scientists, and internet-of-things experts, and our intention to stay ahead of our competitors now means we need to add further talent to our ranks.

“We’re looking for people at the top of their game who can help us push technology boundaries and deliver outcomes that make mobility safer, smarter, and fairer for everybody.

“More insurers are offering their customers more flexible, usage-based insurance that allows the policyholder to pay by the mile, and attitudes around car ownership and alternative mobility usage are changing.

“This hiring push will ensure that we can provide the technology solutions and services that our customers – and their customers – will demand as the post-pandemic ‘new normal’ emerges.”