‘Transformational’ Tickd launches promising seamless energy switching process

Birmingham-based Tickd, powered by Nottingham firm ENSEK, has launched the first fully digital switching and energy account service for small businesses.

Customers can get a quote, select their supplier and tariff, then switch their energy in the space of 90 seconds. Tickd is fully integrated with ENSEK’s Software as a Service platform, the company and technology behind leading energy suppliers across the UK and Europe.

Ofgem recently announced its commitment to taking action against the overcharging of small businesses through inflated, and often undisclosed commissions and hidden fees. Ofgem aims to enable microbusinesses to move away from old contracts without facing unnecessary fees, obstacles or complications via a smooth and swift process.

Tickd says it has entered the market with a mission to address many of the issues highlighted for gas and electricity. Customers will have 24/7 access to their account and can connect online for any ongoing needs, as well as receive reminders and recommendations for contract renewals. For energy suppliers, Tickd is a reliable, low-cost and low-touch acquisition channel, meaning there is an opportunity for suppliers to offer competitive tariffs. Tickd says it is also planning on partnering with affiliates.

Rich Price, managing director, said: “Our customer focus and slick seamless switching process for small business owners, combined with ENSEKs knowledge and platform offers an opportunity to digitally disrupt and serve a part of the market that is under-served. Our fully automated process drives everything from initial sale and switch to the delivery of a great customer experience. We enter the market with key values of trust, simplicity and an innovative transparent commission structure”.

Jon Slade, CEO of ENSEK, added: “ENSEK are continuing to innovate and invest in technologies to simplify energy markets. Tickd brings an opportunity to leverage our technology to offer a low-cost acquisition channel to suppliers by combining our software with a slick front end sign up for small business customers to deliver business energy in a simply smarter, better way.”

Randall Bowen, chief commercial officer of Good Energy, added: “Good Energy are always looking to be at the forefront of change within the energy market and want to support changes that improve the customer onboarding. By Good Energy being a partner of Tickd, small business owners can now do their bit to tackle the climate crisis by switching their energy in just a couple of minutes.”

LDC, the main investors of ENSEK have backed the project along with some angel investment.