Northern Asian Powerlist 2020 winners – Hanif Malik and Rifhat Malik

Hanif Malik and Rifhat Malik won the Social Changemakers category of the inaugural Northern Asian Powerlist 2020.

The full list of winners, along with all those shortlisted, was announced on Friday 2 October.

Outlining why they had chosen the Maliks, the judges’ report said: “They are a truly inspirational couple who have dedicated the past 25 years to making social change in the communities of Leeds and the surrounding district and in the voluntary work they undertake overseas.

“Described as the ‘Asian Power House Couple’ by colleagues and friends, they work tirelessly and selflessly for those who are less privileged and in supporting people from all backgrounds irrespective of race, colour or creed.”

The Maliks responded: “We are absolutely delighted and honoured to have been selected as the winners of the Social Changemakers category.

“So many people of an Asian background play such a vital role in their communities, which goes unrecognised.

“The Northern Asian Powerlist is a fantastic initiative to acknowledge this unheralded work and we sincerely hope that our success can inspire others in the community to keep striving to make a difference.”


Shortlisted for the Social Changemakers category were:

North East – Nadeem Ahmad, regional partnerships manager, North East Strategic Migration Partnership; Ranjana Bell MBE; Yasmin Khan, founder, the Halo Project.

North West – Farrah Qureshi, chief executive of Global Diversity Practice; Azim Kidwai, chief executive of Mercy Mission UK; Anwar Ali, co-founder and chief executive of Upturn Enterprise Limited.

Yorkshire & the Humber – Adeem Younis, founder,; Professor Zahir Irani, pro-vice-chancellor (Academic, Innovation and Quality), University of Bradford; Jasvinder Sanghera, founder of Karma Nirvana.