Homewares group expands exports to Sri Lanka

Tony Grimshaw

What More UK, the Lancashire plastic housewares manufacturer, has agreed the terms of a deal which will see its products made available to the 20 million inhabitants of Sri Lanka.

This latest announcement comes just weeks after export champions at What More announced a deal with the Central American country, Costa Rica.

The organisation now exports British products, each proudly bearing a Made in Britain logo, to 75 countries around the world, but this latest development makes particularly good business sense.

Since 2009 the economy of Sri Lanka has grown by an average of 5.3% each year firmly placing it in the category of Asian Tiger Economy.

What More director, Tony Grimshaw, said: “British companies have lots of advantages over other countries when it comes to export.

“For one thing the UK is ideally positioned geographically for export and we have a reputation for building top quality products that are made to last. That’s why all our products have prominent British branding with an easily recognisable Made in Britain logo.”

Bosses at What More UK are quick to encourage other British firms to export their products.

When companies do business on a global scale, they increase the size of their target market into the billions.

They also benefit from a broader customer base, which protects them against the peaks and troughs of national economies.

Since the global pandemic struck, What More has made PPE visors for the NHS, worked to keep up with increased demand for its housewares, and taken on 35 new staff.

What More UK is the owner of the popular home storage brand, Wham. It also produces bakeware and cookware, and products for the home office, utility room, and garden.