Event: Re-energise your team – and your own leadership too

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The past 12 months have been hard for everyone. As businesses plan for the post-pandemic economy, there is a real concern for many leaders – how do you put your foot on the accelerator when it feels like there’s not much fuel in the tank?

Leaders may need to get their teams out of the crisis mindset and get them thinking long-term once more. They will also need to find ways to develop their culture to respond to the new needs of the organisation and its people.

This webinar, in partnership with The Growth Company, will focus on you and your people, with practical ideas to bring about change in your organisation.

The event is free to attend and will take place via Zoom at 9.30am on 27th April, simply register now.

Our expert panel includes;

  • Dan Sodergren, co-founder and CIO of YourFlock and MPA’s diversity and inclusion lead
  • Sarah Novotny, digital, creative and tech sector lead, GC Business Growth Hub
  • Lee Johnson, co-founder and director of Laws of Attraction
  • Tony Foggett,  CEO & Owner of Code Computerlove
  • Stewart Reynolds, CCO & co-founder at Shopblocks