Call centre operator taking on 210 staff following growth in beauty sector

Baani Kaur
X The Business Desk

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A Salford-based call centre operator is set to take on more than 200 staff to bolster its beauty team.

CallCare said the ecommerce sector has grown by 46% during 2020 due to the rise in online shopping during the pandemic.

While looking further into how this sector almost doubled in size, CallCare found that the cosmetic industry, in particular, has grown at an average of 4.75% in the past few years. What’s more, it is expected to reach £526bn in worldwide sales by 2025.

Retailers selling electricals, make-up, hair, skincare products, jewellery and books had the highest amount of sales as online purchases rose by 82% last year.

Other findings by CallCare found that 22.2% of these online sales in 2020 were made across cosmetics, as well as health and wellness products, which shows that ecommerce is growing in the UK market.

While looking at online sales data, CallCare has been able to track the amount of sales made over the past five years (2016-2020) to determine that there has been a 116.74% growth in sales in the UK.

During 2019 to 2020, 13.84 billion internet retail sales were made online, which suggests that this is likely to continue rising for 2021.

Data analysts at CallCare have revealed the number of sales made so far in the UK stands at £18bn, to August 2021, by using Statista’s research. The customer service experts believe that this is likely to spike during the last quarter of the year as we head towards Black Friday and the Christmas holidays.

In order to prepare for a busy November and December, CallCare has announced plans to expand its customer service team by recruiting an exclusive ecommerce beauty team at its Salford-based office. The dedicated department will focus on providing customer service 24/7 for a number of global brands.

The roles are for online customer services support and will require people with an interest in make-up, hair and skin care. There will be 210 positions available to apply to.

CallCare, which specialises in outsourced customer services, has seen impressive growth during the pandemic with turnover climbing more than 15% in the past year.

This success has put the company in a prime position to expand and hire additional team members who will handle email and livechat queries for one customer, a global, online beauty business.

CallCare’s head of talent management, Baani Kaur, said: “As a business, we’re experiencing double digit growth and need to recruit to support our success.

“We’re a contact centre, handling inbound customer service enquiries. It’s not a boring 9-5 job.

“Our roots as a business are in the North – we have four centres across the M62 corridor, with a head office in Salford. As the group continues to expand, we are looking for additional capacity either at existing sites or new locations, and when it comes to recruiting from a great pool of talent, there’s nowhere better in terms of the quality of people, infrastructure or office costs.”

CallCare operates several contact centres in Manchester, Liverpool, and Yorkshire. It was established in 1998 as an emergency telephone answering service. Since then, it has evolved to offer a range of inbound and outbound customer service solutions across eCommerce, facilities management, health and professional services.