Lancashire food firm expands into nationwide doorstep deliveries

James and Rick Altham

Expansion is on the menu for Morecambe-based Althams Fine Foods.

The Lancashire food firm is launching a new division which will deliver frozen suppers direct to doorsteps nationwide.

Althams creates fresh and frozen ready meals for retailers such as Booths and Costco, as well as some UK airlines.

Founded by a family of farmers, Althams started life as a butchers in 1856. It is one of the oldest and largest independent, family-owned butchers in the UK. The fifth-generation Altham brothers run the business today.

Supper Club will launch on May 23, and the launch range comprises recipes from around the world, with a Lancashire Hot Pot, made with locally sourced lamb and vegetables, featuring as the hero dish.

Althams has enjoyed 20% growth year on year in retail since 2018 and the family expects the growth to continue following the Supper Club launch, as consumers seek luxury and convenience from food experts.

Rick Altham, managing director, said: “Even before the pandemic, we were seeing a huge increase in the popularity of direct-to-consumer food delivery services, from true foodie experts.

“The pandemic only accelerated this trend and many, once niche, artisan products are now available nationwide with a few simple clicks.

“From pasta and fish to ready meals and even ice cream, there’s never been more choice. With Althams’ expertise in luxury suppers, direct to consumer was the next, natural step for our business.”

Supper Club’s launch range is made up of luxury, frozen suppers, ranging from British, gastropub favourites to Indian and Italian classics.