Manchester United seals global partnership with wellness technology group

Manchester United FC has announced a multi-year global partnership agreement with wellness technology business Therabody.

The partnership will expand United’s use of Therabody products and solutions as part of the training and recovery regimes of both the men’s and women’s teams.

Therabody is focused on recovery and self-care through its ecosystem of solutions that can help people feel better, move better, and live healthier lives. Its products are backed by science and bring previously inaccessible technology to everybody.

The devices help United players meet the physical demands of a sport that involves the use of every muscle in the body, from the brain to the feet.

Research shows that players cover anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 metres or more in a 90-minute match. Because of this type of activity, proper warm up and cool down is imperative to attaining full recovery and preventing injury.

Manchester United will have access to Theraguns in their training facilities to help improve their athletic performance and prevent injury during practices and matches.

Football provides cardiovascular and muscular fitness, but the majority of the work is done by the legs.

The team’s access to Therabody’s pneumatic compressions device range, including RecoveryAir’s JetBoots, in the training rooms and on all away trips is expected to be game-changing for their recovery.

Therabody’s wellness solutions, including Theragun, the world’s first handheld percussive massage therapy device, RecoveryAir pneumatic compression boots, and Wave Series vibration therapy rollers, have been integrated into hte first team players’ medical, training, and recovery process for several years, most recently on the club’s 2022 pre-season tour of Thailand and Australia.

As part of the global partnership, players, and training staff will participate in education sessions with performance and wellness experts from Therabody University, the company’s educational division.

Working with United’s medical team, Therabody experts will develop specific protocols to give players the knowledge to optimise their use of Therabody’s devices, showing how habitual use can assist in accelerating recovery, preventing injuries, and improving overall athletic performance.

Victoria Timpson, Manchester United’s CEO of alliances and partnerships, said: “By gaining access to Therabody’s tried and tested range of scientifically backed products and expertise, this partnership will support our players and staff in the pursuit of success on the pitch.

“The partnership also aims to give United’s global audience access to the same in depth performance education so they, too, can easily take control of their training and recovery in the same way as their favourite players, through the use of Therabody products.”

Dr Jason Wersland, founder and chief wellness officer of Therabody, said: “Manchester United has been at the forefront of utilising our technology to assist with training and recovery for several years and this partnership is a natural extension of our relationship.

“Educating their players, staff, and passionate global fanbase on the importance of ownership in self-care is paramount to Therabody’s mission. We are proud to work with the most successful club in British football, whose values of innovation and determination, as well as their drive to be a world leader, align perfectly with our own.”

Manchester United joins more than 250 professional athletes, sports teams, celebrities, elite trainers and medical practitioners globally by using Therabody’s ecosystem of devices.