Voi launches new rental e-bike fleet in Liverpool

Explorer 2

A new rental e-bike fleet has hit the streets of Liverpool.

The next generation of Voi’s e-bikes, branded the Explorer 2, has debuted in the city, as part of a new multi-modal service that complements the existing and hugely successful e-scooter service.

Voi will initially introduce a fleet of 50 e-bikes before eventually rising to 150 as the scheme becomes more successful.

The company was appointed in the summer after the council reviewed its existing rental bike scheme as part of a best value evaluation.

The new bikes are available to everyone aged 16 years and above, and without a provisional license.

Voi’s e-bikes can be activated through the same Voi app as its e-scooters – they also use the same operating area. Once registered, riders can use the app to pick up and drop off bikes at parking locations close to where they live and work.

As navigating safely across the city has become easier and more convenient, according to the council’s latest Summer 2022 Survey, nearly a third of riders are now deciding to use e-scooters rather than a car for their journey, while two in three riders are also now choosing to commute, meet friends or run errands by e-scooter rather than sit in traffic and create unnecessary pollution in the city.

Matthew Pencharz, head of policy for UK and Ireland at Voi, said: “There is more than one way to get a city moving, and our new Explorer 2 rental e-bike is a great addition in helping people choose how they want to get around in a sustainable way.

“Helping people change their everyday travel habits must be the top priority of every UK town and city to reduce unnecessary pollution and congestion, especially as more than half of journeys above a mile are, unbelievably, done by car. We are determined to help more people in Liverpool leave their cars at home by introducing our new multi-modal service today.”

Cllr Dan Barrington, Liverpool City Council’s cabinet member for climate change and environment, welcomed Voi’s new fleet, saying: “It’s great to see that they’ve chosen our city to launch the next generation of rental e-bikes.

“We’re working very hard with them and other partners to deliver and promote as many active travel options and alternatives for our residents and visitors to enjoy.

“By doing so we can make big strides in improving people’s physical and mental health as well as our air quality and on delivering our commitment to being a carbon-free city by 2030.”