Why driving implementation is the key to innovation

By Paul Ibbotson, Business Development Director at Excelledia

Innovation is an ever-present part of human progress, from the simplest invention like the wheel to revolutionary ones such as Apple’s iPhone.

Paul Ibbotson

It provides us with solutions that make our lives simpler and better – a gift we should be grateful for!

The future of innovation belongs in the hands of entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and determination enough to put them into action.

Entrepreneurship serves not only those brave innovators, but also stimulates economic growth by creating numerous job opportunities within society! As Theodore Levitt once said: “Creativity opens doors whereas Innovation pushes through them”.

Having a great idea is only the beginning of an entrepreneur’s journey.

As technology accessibility increases, our children are learning Python in primary school and YouTube offers tutorials on coding – making it easier for people to innovate than ever before!

But despite this potential, most ideas never make it past being just that – an idea.

We believe everyone deserves their chance to bring those innovative sparks into reality, but access remains limited by fear of not knowing how or where to start having had your “Eureka” moment. Our mission: Give every entrepreneurial spark its best shot at becoming something greater!

Launching an innovative idea and taking it to the next level can seem daunting. But not anymore!

The Dezign Space platform provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a free, simple way to develop their ideas from just an MVP stage all the way up into what could potentially be tomorrow’s hottest disruptor business.

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