Former England footballer ordered to pay back £69k for supplying drugs

Former England U19, Tranmere Rovers and Leeds United women’s footballer, Faye Dunn, has been ordered to pay back £69,747.70 in confiscation after being convicted of supplying cannabis and money laundering offences as part of an organised criminal gang.

In separate proceedings, her father, Michael Dunn was found to have benefited by £50,563.53, but he had no assets. If he obtains assets in future, CPS can pursue him for the full amount.

Faye Dunn, 39, was sentenced to three years and nine months imprisonment, and her father Michael Dunn to suspended sentence, two years suspended for two years, on September 6, 2022, at Liverpool Crown Court.

The police investigation and prosecution review revealed that ‘EncroChat’ messages showed that Dunn was a significant player in the production and supply of cannabis and facilitated meetings between criminal associates in relation to their illegal drugs trade. Dunn laundered £654,800 from monies coming in from this drugs trade.

On June 8, 2023 the CPS secured a Confiscation Order for £69,747.70 against Faye Dunn after the Judge determined that her total criminal benefit was £152,953.96 and that she had £69,747.70 in available assets to pay her order.

Helen Hughes, of the CPS, said: “Faye Dunn, and her father Michael Dunn, were key players in this illegal drug operation, which involved the supply of at least 24kg of cannabis.

“Industrial scale cannabis cultivation is widely linked to a variety of criminal gang activities, street violence, and exploitation of the young and vulnerable.

“Faye Dunn appeared to be the accountant for an organised criminal enterprise and concealed not only her EncroChat device, but also large amounts of cash when travelling abroad, to evade detection by the authorities.

“Where criminals fail to pay the orders made against them, the CPS will robustly pursue them for the money they owe, asking that default prison sentences are imposed where necessary.”

She added: “In the last five years (2018 to 2023) over £480m has been recovered from CPS obtained Confiscation Orders, ensuring that thousands of convicted criminals cannot profit from their offending. £105m of that amount has been returned to victims of crime, by way of compensation.”

Dunn was a former director of a number of Merseyside businesses including a restaurant and a popular children’s play centre.