University swift to strip rapist Jones of honour

Lawrence Jones loses honour

Manchester Metropolitan University has acted swiftly to strip the convicted rapist Lawrence Jones of the honour he was given in 2016.

All mention of him has been withdrawn from the university website and a spokesman told that: “Following the conviction of Lawrence Jones on two counts of rape, and the announcement of the earlier conviction for sexual assault, we have formally rescinded the honorary doctorate he was awarded by the University in 2016.”

Jones had earlier been awarded an MBE for services to the digital economy.

The process of stripping him of that award may take a little longer.

It will follow a meeting of the Honours Forfeiture Committee, an ad hoc committee convened by the Cabinet Office, which considers cases referred to the Prime Minister where an individual’s actions subsequent to their being awarded an honour raises the question of whether they should be allowed to continue to be a holder or have “deemed to bring the honours system into disrepute”.

Recommendations are made to the King, who has the sole authority to rescind an honour.

It took six months for film producer Harvey Weinstein to lose his CBE for services to the film industry following his conviction in March 2020.

The Honours Forfeiture Committee meets when required to consider whether recipients are guilty of behaviour “deemed to bring the honours system into disrepute”.

On Thursday Jones was found guilty of raping two women in Manchester 30 years ago.

The former UK Fast chief executive denied both offences, but a jury found him guilty following the trial at Manchester Crown Court.

Jones will be sentenced on December 1, 2023.


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