£1bn lending milestone marked by Shawbrook Bank

Salford-based bank, Shawbrook, says its corporate lending arm is now providing more than £1bn in specialist funding for mid-market SMEs in the UK.

It says this milestone underscores its commitment to unlocking growth for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing access to the type of tailored funding options that are traditionally only available to larger corporations.

Shawbrook offers a range of flexible lending facilities, with amounts of up to £35m.

With 58% of SMEs expressing fears about their funding accessibility next year, Shawbrook said it stands poised to bridge this gap.

Nick Leitch, managing director of corporate lending at Shawbrook, said: “Every business we support has its own unique story.

“Many are highly respected and ambitious in their markets, looking to do something exciting. That’s where specialist funding can make a huge difference.

“We know that almost 70% of SME owners are willing to pay more for specialist lending expertise to support their ambitions, and with experienced professionals across the UK, shorter lines of communication, and the ability to flex and tailor our facilities, including ABL and leveraged cashflow lending, we can offer something very compelling and personalised to clients and their advisers.

“You now don’t have to be a FTSE 100 business to access FTSE 100 finance.”