Court dates set for Scott Dylan and Barclays Bank

Commercial Court in London

A court date of January 13, 2025, has been agreed for a civil case brought by Barclays Bank against a Manchester-based businessman and his associates over £13.7m it claims they took from the bank without authorisation and for their “personal enrichment”.

Barclays Bank has a claim against Scott Dylan, Gareth Dylan, Sally Ann Glover and David Antrobus. 

A second claim is brought against Fresh Thinking Group (now known as Old3 Limited), Jack Mason and Inc Travel Group Limited (now known as Old2 Limited) which are both now in compulsory liquidation.

Barclays’ case is that all the individual defendants, other than Gareth Dylan, were also involved in a conspiracy to cause damage to Barclays by unlawful means. The defendants deny the conspiracy allegation and are contesting the claims made by Barclays.

Another hearing has been scheduled for April 29, 2024 with Barclays claiming that the defendants breached various freezing orders and are therefore in contempt of court.

The claims arise from the transfer, by subsidiaries of Fresh Thinking Group, of some £13.7m from accounts held with Barclays which, at the time, had no or no material credit balance. 

Barclays says that there were some 830 payments of amounts just below the £50,000 threshold that would have caused the payment requests to have been referred for further approval.

Barclays says that the money went to Fresh Thinking Group and one of its other subsidiaries, FT Ops Limited before onward disbursement and the “personal enrichment” of the defendants.

Important footnote: Fresh Thinking Group (now known as Old3 Limited) is in no way connected to Fresh Thinking Capital, a specialist lender, and Fresh Thinking Advisory which provides whole market corporate debt advisory.