Litigation finance firm in €25m deal to support Spanish legal tech company

Craig Cornick, left, and Adam Peake

A Manchester litigation finance firm has signed a groundbreaking €25m deal to support a pioneering Spanish legal tech company.

In a bid to increase access to justice across Europe, IQuote will provide financial backing to Málaga-based as it looks to expand across the continent.

The Spanish company, which is the trading name of LegalTech Ventures SL and is renowned for its expertise in handling claims related to cartel price fixing, was founded to tackle the vehicle cartel price-fixing scandal, which implicated 23 vehicle manufacturers from 2006-2013.

For two decades, Spain has seen a rise in these cartels involving companies in the same sector covertly fixing prices, sharing territories and customers, and exchanging sensitive commercial data.

The scandal, brought to light by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) in 2015, is thought to impact about 9.7 million consumers in Spain.

This latest agreement to supply a funding facility of up to €25m, is aimed to support in its expansion across Europe.

Craig Cornick, IQuote’s CEO and founder, said the investment is a strategic move to help more people across Spain obtain the justice they deserve.

“ is doing a very important job for the people affected by these corporate cartels and we couldn’t be prouder to be supporting the firm’s mission,” he said.

“The investment will not only provide financial backing to the company but also make justice a tangible reality for those in Spain and beyond.” has made significant investments in proprietary technology allowing it to assess and quantify each claimant before court proceedings, facilitating faster resolutions.

Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, Adam Peake, said: “We are very proud of the work that we do. These types of claims are not easy to approach so we are very excited to be partnering with IQuote, which has such a track record when it comes to complex legal matters.

“We’ve seen tremendous success so far and we’re looking forward to IQuote’s support and expertise in making lasting contributions to the European legal landscape, bringing justice closer to more people.”

Founded in 2016, IQuote Limited, specialises in legal asset and opex capital loans, with a primary focus on legal asset investing.

Mr Cornick added: “It is very important for us to champion businesses that put in great effort to help people access justice, it’s the core of what we do.

“With this investment and future expansion into Europe we are committed to bridging the gap between individuals and their right to legal resource.

“We’re hoping to keep growing the company and continue our mission to break down barriers to justice across the globe.”