Purchase of Southport law firm gives Jackson Lees Mersey reach

Esther Leach

Jackson Lees Group are pleased to announce that they are expanding with the acquisition of Farrington Law.

The law firm, based in Churchtown near Southport, was founded by Caroline Farrington. They currently offer private client work including commercial property law, civil litigation, family law, wills, trusts and probate and residential property.

Their areas of expertise compliment the services already offered by Jackson Lees Group. All members of staff, who have over 40 years of expertise between them, will also be joining the Group.

Esther Leach, Managing Director at Jackson Lees Group, said: “We’ve been on the lookout for that perfect addition to Jackson Lees Group. It was really important that we found not just the right business, but also the right people, who match who we are and what we do – following the MAPD Group values of Making a Positive Difference.

“Like the rest of Jackson Lees Group, the team at Farrington Law care about their clients as people, not just files. Providing accessible and approachable support for their clients is what makes them tick. I know we’ll benefit from their skills and expertise.”

The acquisition of the Southport office means that Jackson Lees Group will now have additional reach across Merseyside, with offices already in Liverpool city centre, Hoylake and Heswall.

Esther Leach added: “Expanding our geographic reach and growing our client base across the North West is a fantastic opportunity for us; we’ve got a really strong presence in Wirral and Liverpool, and growing further north towards Southport gives us a much bigger footprint.”

Caroline Farrington, former owner of Farrington Law, said she and her team are “super excited” to have been invited to be a part of Jackson Lees Group. She explained why she made the decision to join forces, as she said: “Having started the firm on my own and building up a great team, strong reputation and many lovely clients, I got to the point where I couldn’t grow further on my own.”

Explaining why she chose Jackson Lees Group, Caroline Farrington added: “We feel very strongly about looking after our clients and want them to feel that they are our priority. We have built a really strong, close team and we work together well. A client for one of us is a client for all of us.

“Meeting Esther, Haley Farrell (Deputy Managing Director) and the wider team at Jackson Lees Group, it was apparent that the firm share those views. That was crucial to me.

“I’m really excited about becoming part of the Jackson Lees Group family and the opportunities that will bring for us and our clients. We have become a part of a very special company and we can offer our clients a wide range of services and support which we simply couldn’t before.”