What are the most effective ways to secure an empty property?

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For property owners, no concern is greater than the security threats vacant buildings face. From theft and vandalism to squatting, empty properties are particularly vulnerable to a wide range of risks. 

This vulnerability can pose an immediate risk to the property itself, as well as potential legal implications and financial losses for the owner. Luckily, fortifying a property doesn’t always demand extravagant spending. 

A nuanced understanding of how to secure an empty property can better prepare owners to address vulnerabilities, whether they’re looking to prevent unauthorised access or deter potential intruders. 

So, stay with us as we tell you the most effective ways to secure an empty property. 

Solar-powered CCTV

Engineered for expansive surveillance coverage, mobile CCTV towers harness solar power to provide nearly complete 360-degree monitoring. 

These towers quickly pinpoint unauthorised, on-premises access by utilising remote passive infrared sensors (PIR) for precise detection. The simple deployment of mobile CCTV towers allows for the rapid enhancement of security measures. 

They bypass the extensive installation time so common with other devices, and their mobility makes them indispensable for properties with constantly changing security requirements. 

If a property owner prefers to employ environmentally friendly security methods, these towers are ideal. 

By leveraging solar energy, they not only reduce environmental impact but also eliminate dependence on electrical wiring. Solar CCTV towers can be used in a range of properties, including those without access to mains power. 

Trained Guards

Employing guards who have received specialised training is an essential strategy for vacant property security

These guards, by merely being visible in their uniforms, act as a strong deterrent against unwanted visitors such as intruders, squatters, vandals, and trespassers.

The strategy significantly diminishes the potential for criminal acts, and measures can be adapted to fit the severity of the perceived threat or the expansive nature of the property. 

Options for protection range from the deployment of a solitary guard to a more extensive team, possibly including K9 units for patrol purposes. 

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

For the security of unoccupied properties, PID security systems emerge as an advanced safeguarding technology. 

These innovative systems are designed to monitor properties remotely, giving property owners around-the-clock surveillance without requiring continuous physical oversight.

Thanks to their wireless operation, installing these systems is straightforward and free from the complexities associated with wired setups. They offer property managers the flexibility to oversee their premises remotely, including through app-based controls.

Beyond convenience and ease of use, PID systems boast superior intrusion detection features. They employ a sophisticated algorithm, LISA, to accurately differentiate real threats from false alarms, enhancing security effectiveness.

These systems are not only designed for functionality but also for environmental sustainability and autonomy in energy use. They operate efficiently in areas without traditional power sources, using solar panels and batteries for power, highlighting their eco-friendly advantages.

The portability of PID systems adds to their appeal. They can be easily relocated to adapt to evolving security needs or to cover various areas within a property, providing a versatile solution to property protection challenges.

Secure Window Screens

Constructed with resilient metal, window screens stand as a reliable defence by safeguarding empty buildings from unauthorised entry, potential break-ins, and acts of vandalism. 

Security window screens contrast sharply with the traditional method of boarding up, which often results in a neglected appearance. Instead, these screens help preserve a property’s exterior’s visual appeal and accessibility.

Unlike conventional methods that may signal a property is abandoned, these screens convey a sense of maintenance and care. Positive perception may discourage criminal behaviour and promote airflow, which is crucial for preventing the decay that commonly affects unoccupied spaces.

The method used for installing security window screens is deliberately gentle, meaning they can be securely attached without causing lasting harm or alterations to the window structures. 

Their non-invasive installation is particularly advantageous for properties with historical significance or distinctive architectural features. Security window screens protect a property while preserving its original integrity.

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