North West law firm boosts UK reach with six new offices

Slater Heelis Sale office

Sale-based law firm, Slater Heelis, has expanded its presence to include six key UK cities.

It now has offices in Central London, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Preston and York, where it will be able to serve local clients and businesses, operating on an appointment-only basis.

Clients will need to pre-arrange any visits to the offices, operating in the same way to the company’s current site in North London.

The firm is one of the longest standing law firms in the UK that deals with both personal and business matters across its full-service offering.

Celebrating 250 years in business last year, Slater Heelis has a roster of clients spanning the entirety of the UK, as well as a number of international clients and the expansion into these new locations is part of a strategic growth plan, with more offices to be launched this year.

Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop, Managing Partner at Slater Heelis, said: “Now, having a total of eight different locations across the UK, means we are more accessible than ever to current and prospective clients, and we won’t stop there.

“As we look to the future, we plan to continue our expansion, demonstrating our commitment to building client relationships and providing the best advice possible by identifying even more locations to serve our clients.”