Liverpool logistics firm is latest to sign up to Pallet-Track network

MSC Express, in Aintree, is the latest member to join the Pallet-Track logistics network.

The firm offers services in the ‘L’ postcode and the Isle of Man, which it will cover on behalf of the pallet network.

MSC managing director, Mike Ackers, said: “We joined Pallet-Track as being offered postcodes in Liverpool and the Isle of Man was an excellent opportunity for our company, and also demonstrates our commitment to providing a service that is second to none.”

In preparation for joining, MSC Express, which employs 33 staff, has invested in several new 18 tonne trucks, two new tractor units and two new double decker trailers.

It already handles 200 pallets a day and expects this to grow by 50% with Pallet-Track membership. It has already taken on several new members of staff and multiple drivers since becoming a delivery-only Pallet-Track depot in December.

Mike added: “Our drivers are all experienced in pallet network deliveries and our success is testament to the hard work and commitment of all our staff.

“We believe in treating our customers’ freight like it’s our own and we are determined to fill our walls with awards from Pallet-Track.”

Stuart Godman, CEO at Pallet-Track, said: “Pallet-Track has an ever-growing network and the very welcome addition of MSC Express, a quality business who is fanatical about the customer experience, is a wonderful boost for our Shareholder Network. It is a win-win situation all round.”

MSC Express is the fifth new member to join Pallet-Track in 2024.

Pallet-Track launched in 2004 with 46 members and handled 852 pallets during its first night of operation. Its shareholder network now includes more than 90 members, who collectively move four million pallets per year.