Bentley unveils new engine to drive luxury marque’s future growth

Ultraperformance V8 hybrid powertrain

Luxury car maker, Bentley, has revealed a new engine concept to drive its future growth.

The Crewe-based motor manufacturer has announced that its iconic W12 engine will be replaced by an all-new, performance-focused V8 hybrid powertrain.

The powertrain comprises the engine, transmission and driveline components.

Producing the highest power output ever offered in a Bentley, the new powertrain will also be the most dynamic, most responsive and most efficient system in Bentley’s history, befitting a new generation of daily supercars.

Christened the Ultra Performance Hybrid, the new powertrain follows Bentley’s long standing tradition of supplementing class-leading combustion engines with technology to increase performance.

Supercharging in the 1920s was the early forebear to the use of turbocharging from the 1980s to present day.

From this summer, Bentley goes one step further – bringing even more performance through ‘electrocharging’ – using a potent hybrid system to create what will be the most advanced and most powerful powertrain in Bentley’s 105-year history.

The new system builds on Bentley’s existing hybrid powertrains, but goes even further in the level of performance and efficiency it brings – with more than 750 PS and a 50-mile (80-km) electric-only range.

That represents at least 91 PS more than the W12 engine previously offered in the Flying Spur and GT W12 Speed derivatives.

As Bentley’s iconic 6.0-litre twin turbo W12 engine heads towards retirement this summer, with 105,000 engines built over the past two decades, the new Ultra Performance Hybrid will take on the mantle as Bentley’s leading powertrain, establishing the new family of Bentleys it will power as the world’s best electrified luxury performance vehicles.

While developing more power than the W12 and four-figure torque over a wider plateau, the Ultra Performance Hybrid will also deliver a WLTP drive cycle CO2 figure of under 50 g/km.

The manufacturer describes the sound of the new V8 hybrid powertrain as “an exquisite combination of cross-plane bass with a free-revving growl” – the polar opposite to the silence the system will offer in electric mode.