Lawfront era brings changes to Slater Heelis

Rachel Fletcher and Chris Bishop

Manchester-based law firm Slater Heelis, has appointed Rachel Fletcher and Chris Bishop as the new senior leadership at the firm following their recent acquisition by private equity backed consolidator Lawfront.

Rachel Fletcher, who will become managing partner, has been a Partner at Slater Heelis since 2019 and heads the Crime and Regulatory team. She will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the firm, leading the Executive team to achieve their shared vision and executing the firm’s strategy and robust business plan to further build on their solid reputation and standing in the sector.

Chris Bishop, a partner at Slater Heelis since 1998 will become Senior Partner, responsible for overseeing the governance and culture of the firm, representing the firm externally, and ensuring the alignment of the firm’s values and objectives.  

He will also be looking to attract further “talent and rising stars” to the 220+ strong team.

In a more detailed piece on the rise of the consolidators in professional services on the Rainmakers platform Bishop explained how the deal came about and his hopes for the future as part of Lawfront, which is backed by private equity investor Blixt.

“We needed to come up with a good working outcome for continued growth and keeping people happy here,” says Bishop. “We completed on Tuesday night of the 30th of April, and the next morning I got up, I saw it was a lovely spring day. It was the 1st of May. And somebody sent me a really nice little mantra saying today is the day we cherish and celebrate our workers.”

Commenting on the appointments, Axel Koelsch, COO at Lawfront, said, “This renewal of leadership will bring fresh perspectives to a continuity of values and experience, both of which are a hallmark of successful professional services firms. We are confident that Rachel and Chris will make an impactful team and lead the firm to continued success.”

Rachel Fletcher, Managing Partner at Slater Heelis said: “This is a huge honour for me and I am incredibly proud to be leading the team as we enter a new era for the firm with Lawfront. With such a passionate and experienced team, I am feeling confident that the future will be buoyant and bright, and I am really looking forward to seeing what we achieve as a firm and for our clients.

“Chris has been a key driving force in this role as Managing Partner for the last 13 years and has achieved such significant success that I must take this opportunity to thank him for everything he has done during his career at the firm. I know he will now embrace his Senior Partner role with ease, and we will work together to drive the business forward.”