Liverpool tin can printers to strike in ‘fire and rehire’ dispute

Envases uv-printing technology

Staff at a specialist tin can printing company in Liverpool are to strike over ‘fire and rehire’ proposals.

Global group, Envases, prints a range of cans at its Liverpool site on Trinity Park Industrial Estate.

But production has been hit by stoppages by Unite the Union members over company plans to alter their working terms and conditions.

Unite says many major UK companies face a significant shortage in tin cans later this month as printers at Envases take strike action.

The highly skilled printers are angry after the company required them to accept new contracts or be dismissed (fire and rehire).

The new contracts require the printers, who had already agreed to become more flexible, to work in the company’s production hall when required.

Strikes will begin on Wednesday, June 12, and run until June 14.

There will then be further strike action from June 17 to June 21, and June 24, to June 25.

Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham, said: “Envases has behaved in a disgraceful manner in brutally firing and rehiring its workers to force though changes to working practices.

“Its bully boy practices won’t work.

“Unite always backs its members to the hilt when they are fighting for improved jobs, pay and conditions and the Envases workers will receive the union’s complete support.”

The strike action will stop the production of industrial tin cans which are produced for a host of major UK companies including Morris, PPG, Barrettine, Sherwin Williams, Castrol, Duckhams, Fentons, Bostic, Wilkinsons and McVittie Can Works.

Unite regional officer, Gary Fairclough, said: “The forthcoming strike action will bring production to a halt and cause delays and disruption throughout Envases’ supply chain but this dispute is entirely of the company’s own making.

“A resolution to the dispute is directly in the hands of the company’s management.”

Envases has been contacted for comment.